These Romantic Cities Are The Perfect Destinations for Couples in Europe

Perfect Destinations for Couples

These Romantic Cities Are The Perfect Destinations for Couples in Europe

Europe is loved for so many reasons, but its beautiful cities have to be one of the best reasons. You find cities that take your breath away, alleys that always hold something to be discovered as you take turns and curve into beautiful cobblestone streets, and even massive and magnificent churches sitting on these streets.

Whether you’re so used to an Italy vacation or you’re new to the romantic side of trips and are looking for the best destinations for couples in Europe, these cities are going to bring romance to life for you.


The City of Light and even love is a bundle of romance waiting to be discovered at every turn. You are welcomed into the city with architectural displays that are unlike anything else and have been there for centuries. Then, you are embraced by the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, especially its night view, and then the city’s food takes you all the way.

A vacation in Paris won’t be complete if you don’t tour the renowned art museum in the cities and walk the streets hand-in-hand with your partner while expressing your love freely. Here is our guide for planning a Paris vacation.


Up for an Italy vacation? Rome is top on this list, and it is easy to tell why. The city has a lot of ancient history in the arts, amazing cuisines, and an exciting feeling all around. You will discover a lot of artistic masterpieces, relive a lot of beautiful history, and make a wish for the longevity of your relationship when you visit the Trevi Fountain and toss in some coins for you and your lover.

You can spend your time in Rome exploring the cities, engaging in the arts, or enjoying the amazing meals you find; there’s a whole lot to do. However, don’t leave the city until you share a gelato at a corner café with your loved ones.

Salzburg, Austria

You probably didn’t think about Austria when planning your romantic vacation, but you should have because Salzburg is a beautiful vacation destination to be explored with a lot of history to experience and learn too. The Musical and cultural heritage of this place is up there, as it is both the setting for the world-famous Sound of Music and the birthplace of Mozart. Explore attractions such as the beautiful diners with amazing meals and the vibrant Linzergasse Street on the old side of town, and listen to Mozart’s pieces while you’re at it.


London is a magical city, and you and your partner can be a part of that magic. There are famous sites in London to explore, such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The carriage houses lining up quaint alleyways are also for you to explore.


Another Italy vacation? Yes, please. Florence is another Italian city that will thrill you and get you deep into romance unlike you’ve experienced. Florence is a great vacation destination for new couples and newlyweds. You can walk hand in hand through the quaint alleyways and explore delicious food and wines. See the works of Botticelli and Michelangelo while touring the city, and spend an evening watching the sunset in the Oltarno district.


When you think of the Netherlands, do you think of romance? Amsterdam, the capital city, should get you thinking of romance because it is so far one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Amsterdam is quaint and romantic, so you can explore all that needs to be explored during your stay. You can walk through the beautiful streets paved with cobbles, across the canals and bridges, hand-in-hand with your lover.

If you’re up for a cruise, you can get a private cruise to take you through the great canal systems and learn about the capital as you enjoy a glass of champagne and, sometimes, good music with your partner. Grab romantic meals with your partner at any of the romantic cafes and classy restaurants scattered across the city.

It also helps that Amsterdam has one of the most liberal systems, meaning you and your partner don’t have to watch your back for many reasons. Whether you are drawn to the snowy streets in winter or the beautiful sunsets in the summer, Amsterdam is always a great location for you.


Santorini is a small world of its own, making it popular for weddings and honeymoons. There’s something for everyone in Santorini, whether you’re there for the beautiful sunset that you can watch from several viewpoints scattered across the island or you would like to tour the beautiful island.


Verona will forever be famous as the city behind Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but it has grown to become one of the best wedding and honeymoon destinations in Europe. Having your wedding or honeymoon in Verona opens you up to countless activities, experiences, and sights. Do we begin with the musical performances at the Roman amphitheater, the beautiful panoramic city views you only get at Castel San Pietro, or the vibrant bars and restaurants in the backstreets that you should discover while on your visit? The food in Verona is an experience of its own that shouldn’t be missed. You can enter the Italian food scene with local wine, top-notch pasta, pizza, and other local Italian meals.

Wrap up your trip with romantic walks through vineyards that sit on the outskirts of the city, right in Verona’s mesmerizing hills, or walk through the city’s historic center.

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